Flexible across the board: 1-phase busbars from SLV

For the three meter rail, shipping costs amount to €29.75 including 19% VAT.


for high-voltage 1-phase mounting rail, ground left,


ASTO TUBE 1 phase spot, GU10


for high-voltage 1-phase mounting track, 2 pieces


for high-voltage 1-phase recessed track


NOBLO® SPOT set of 3


LONGITUDINAL CONNECTOR for high-voltage 1-phase mounting rail, with feed option


1 phase system light, including 1 phase adapter,


for 1-phase HV busbar, surface-mounted version, outside earth, left



Spot for 1-phase high-voltage track, LED, 3000K, incl. 1-phase adapter


NOBLO® SPOT 1~ Spot, round, 2700K, 6W, trailing edge, 32°






Pendant light, LED GU10 51 mm, round, black/gold, Ø/H 13.3/14, incl. black 1-phase adapter


Spot for 1-phase high-voltage track, LED GU10 51 mm, square, 50W, incl. 1-phase adapter


Pendant light for 1-phase high-voltage track, A60, white ceramic shade, max. 60W, incl. 1-phase adapter,


Spot for 1-phase high-voltage track, single-headed, QPAR51, max. 50W, incl. 1-phase adapter,


PANTILO ROPE 19 pendant light, 250cm, E27, 15W


for high-voltage 1-phase mounting track, white


for high-voltage 1-phase mounting rail, black, incl. strain relief and threaded piece


ENOLA B pendant lamp




for high-voltage 1-phase mounting track, black, electric


Light has evolved over the decades from a purely practical aspect to a feel-good factor. Therefore, modern lighting systems have to meet completely different requirements than those of the past.

Flexibility is now the key feature: users want lighting systems in which they can combine different lights and spotlights and change their positions later without much effort.

As an ideal solution for this requirement, we at SLV offer modern busbar systems on which various spotlights can be mounted. Read more and get an overview of our range of SLV 1-phase power rails here!

This is how the 1-phase track works

Power rails work according to a simple principle: Several different lights are attached to a rail, which, in addition to its function as a holder, also carries the power for the lights.

In general, the busbar systems are divided into 3-, 2- or 1-phase busbars. The number of phases always corresponds to the circuits that run in them. The 3-phase system has three switches that operate the independently running circuits, while you operate the 1-phase track with a single switch.

Busbars with 1 phase are therefore also the systems that are easiest to install. The pre-drilled rails are simply mounted on the ceiling or wall. They are available in different lengths and can be shortened to the required length with a household saw.

In our SLV range, we offer you two rail variants: one each for mounting rails and one for the built-in version. If you have rooms with very high ceilings, or if you simply want to change the angle of incidence of the light, you can easily remove the mounting rails.

Since the 1-phase high-voltage rails are connected directly to the mains, you can, among other things, mount several lights on the rail without additional transformers, drivers or similar. to need. This flexibility enables lighting to be tailored exactly to your wishes and needs.

All light sources that are connected to the 1-phase track are controlled by a single circuit that draws voltage. This allows you to control the entire lighting complex with a single switch. One circuit is completely sufficient to illuminate living spaces, business premises or companies. Compared to 2- or 3-phase systems, the low price of the 1-phase track system is particularly impressive.

Top quality for lots of creativity and flexibility

The 1-phase track systems from SLV are of excellent quality. This applies to the specially selected materials as well as the technology. The rails are available in the colors black, white and silver-grey and specialists can install them in just a few simple steps thanks to their easy handling.

High-voltage rail systems are used today in a wide variety of applications with different intentions. This includes, for example, shops and stores, restaurants, cafés, trade fairs, offices and much more in the commercial sector. In the private living area, on the other hand, 1-phase rail systems are mainly used in open living-dining rooms and other spacious rooms, as well as at workplaces such as e.g. B. useful for the home office. But you can also use 1-phase track systems to emphasize design highlights and for other lighting projects in your home.

Thanks to our extensive range of accessories, components and various types of lights such as spots, spotlights, pendant lights, etc., there are hardly any limits to your creativity. You can adapt your rail system individually to your needs and preferences.

Have you already found lights elsewhere that you can no longer imagine life without? No problem! With the help of our pendant light adapter, you can also integrate third-party products into the track system in the form of any desired high-voltage pendant light. The flexibility of the system is rounded off by the option of dimming the flow of light.

Planning the 1-phase busbar installation

As with any installation, planning ahead is important for lighting. So first measure the room. Since the 1-phase busbars can be attached in different shapes - for example in an H-shape, Z-shape, L-shape, ... - this step is about determining the laying principle and calculating the number of busbars required for this . You can easily do that based on your measurements. The right color must also be selected. The current is fed in at the beginning and at the end of the busbars. Choosing the right and suitable feeder is important here.

Then it's time to select the illuminants in the form of spotlights, spotlights or pendant lights. Pay attention to the beam angle of the lights: Depending on the area of application, different beam angles are required.

Mounting accessories for 1-phase track

For easy and problem-free assembly, we at SLV offer the appropriate assembly accessories in our range. Here you can select the different components. This includes:

  • Interconnects

  • feeder

  • light adapter

  • end caps

  • suspensions

  • mounting clips

  • and much more

1-phase track and matching lights - a range that is impressive

In principle, you should call in trained specialist personnel for the installation of a light rail system, as with any other electrical installation. As simple as the installation may seem with clever solutions, guidelines, standards and laws must be observed for electrical systems in order to guarantee your safety when operating the lighting.

Here is a little insight into our range for the installation of 1-phase high-voltage rails and the matching lights:

Surface or built-in rails

Surface mounting rails are mounted on the ceiling or the wall. You can easily attach the rails to the respective subsurface using screws. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, installation is quick and easy. Plaster and masonry remain unaffected.

Installation rails, on the other hand, are integrated into the subsoil. Unfortunately, this unobtrusive and unobtrusive solution does not work in all building situations, but primarily with drawn-in, suspended ceilings or walls in dry construction. You will find the following versions in our range:

  • 1-phase mounting rail : The SLV mounting rails for 1-phase rail systems are made of high-quality aluminum and offer an IP protection class of IP20. They are available in the colors black, white or silver and in sizes of one, two or three metres. The mounting rails are mounted directly on the wall or ceiling using boreholes in the profile.

  • 1-phase built-in track : This track variant is two meters long, white and made of aluminium. It also has IP20 protection. Unlike the mounting rail, this carrier rail is intended for installation directly into the ground. A mounting bracket is also required for rail mounting in false ceilings.

Spots, spotlights and pendant lights for 1-phase tracks

If your SLV 1-phase track is installed, you only have to attach your desired lights to complete your 1-phase high-voltage track system. Be inspired by our range of spotlights, spotlights and pendant lights, which are designed for use on a 1-phase high-voltage track.

  • PURI TRACK : The high-voltage spotlight PURI is suitable for use with both halogen and LED lamps thanks to its GU10 base. The aluminum, rotatable and swiveling lamp was designed for use within a 1-phase high-voltage track system and is equipped with a corresponding adapter.

  • NOBLO SPOT : The NOBLO SPOT is a rotating and swiveling LED spotlight that impresses with its modern design. In addition to its cardanic nature, the spot is also dimmable and equipped with a suitable LED module for optimal light. This light is also supplied with an adapter for the SLV 1-phase track.

  • HELIA 50 TRACK : The HELIA spotlight has similar advantages to the NOBLO SPOT. It is dimmable, rotatable and pivotable and designed for use in high-voltage rail systems. However, with a length of 14 centimeters and an output of 11 watts, this light is slightly larger and more powerful than NOBLO.

  • ENOLA B TRACK : You can adapt this light perfectly to the surface-mounted rail system of your choice, because it is also available in black, white or silver. The aluminium-steel construction can also be rotated and pivoted, with a pivoting range of 90° and has an output of 50 watts.

  • PANTILO 28 : The PANTILO 28 glass pendant light is a real design highlight. You can also choose between chrome or copper in terms of colour. It is therefore ideal for putting together an individual cloud of lights.

  • LIGHT EYE 150 : This spherical pendant light is specially designed for use within a high-voltage track system. It is supplied with an appropriate adapter and has a GU10 base. Its pendulum length is 150 centimeters and can be shortened as required. You can let off steam with the LIGHT EYE 150 in terms of colour. Whether black, white, chrome or copper, you will definitely find the right color for your home.

  • FORCHINI M 40 TRACK : The round lampshade of the FORCHINI pendant light has a diameter of about 40 centimeters and is gold-colored on the inside. On the outside, the lamp is available in either black or white. The pendant length of the FORCHINI is 150 centimeters and its E27 base allows the use of LED and energy-saving light sources. It is supplied with an adapter for the 1-phase track.

  • PARA CONE 14 : This rotating and swiveling 1-phase system lamp is manufactured in the three color combinations black/gold, copper/white and white/gold. The second color defines the respective reflector within the lamp, which provides a warm lighting effect, especially in gold. The PARA CONE 14 is equipped with a 1-phase adapter, can be rotated and pivoted and can therefore be used flexibly on the 1-phase track.

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